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Danish journalist threatened in Qatar 5 days before the World Cup

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Live from Doha on the evening of Tuesday 15 November, a Danish journalist is presenting the final preparations for the World Cup when a cart approaches him. Representatives of the Qatari authorities get out of the vehicle, approach and purely and simply interrupt Rasmus Tantholdt’s set, placing a hand in front of the lens.

On the edge of the roundabout where he was installed, the journalist from the Danish channel TV2 tries to negotiate:

The sequel after the ad

“You invite the whole world to come here. Why can’t we film? It’s a public place! »World Cup 2022: did Qatar gag France?

119th country in press freedom ranking

The security service doesn’t want to hear anything. Rasmus Tantholdt then presented his accreditation. Still not the slightest sign of relaxation. The men are even more threatening, preparing to break the camera: the Dane has just experienced the limits of press freedom in Qatar, ranked 119e world rank by Reporters Without Borders in 2022.

After the altercation was broadcast on social networks, the journalist received an apology from the Qatar press service. “This is what happened during our live. But will this also happen to other media? »Rasmus Tantholdt was alarmed on Tuesday.

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