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end clap after 4,665 episodes

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“More beautiful life”, it’s over… This Friday, November 18, the 4,665e and final episode of the series will be broadcast on France 3.

For this last evening in the Mistral district, two episodes will be broadcast at 8:15 p.m., followed by a special one hour and forty episode entitled “Seven Weddings for a Funeral”. After eighteen years on the air, the emblematic series which has won over millions of French people will therefore bid farewell, but without sadness, says Pierre Martot, one of the actors in the series at “Paris-Normandie”, on November 17. last :

The sequel after the ad

“The idea was to end the series on a cheerful and whimsical note. [Le tournage] ended on September 28. But the departures were spread over a fortnight. Everyone was upset. The production organized farewell parties for each of the characters, there were speeches… Personally, I left the set on September 26th. It was very touching, I worked with the teams for fourteen years. We have seen marriages, births, deaths. We have created very strong ties. We were all working in the same direction to serve the project. »

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A program that has retained its viewers

“Plus belle la vie” is a very long love story between the spectators and the characters of the Mistral district. Who hasn’t watched at least one episode of the iconic series, encouraged by their grandparents, friends or colleagues? However, the beginnings were difficult. Launched in 2004, the Marseille series is struggling to seduce the public and risks cancellation. Far from being discouraged, the screenwriters rack their brains and add detective stories, love drama, and above all subjects rooted in everyday life. With an episode of twenty-five minutes per day, “Plus belle la vie” has no choice: to ensure audiences, it is necessary to tell the reality of the French. By tackling, through fiction, thorny themes that shake up the news such as homosexuality, rape, surrogacy or drug use, the France 3 soap opera has established itself in the television landscape for a long time.

From “Plus belle la vie” to “Here everything begins”, these soap operas that move society

In 2008, the year of the peak of popularity of the series, some six million viewers gathered in front of their screens, waiting to see the continuation of the adventures of their favorite heroes. And if the success is with go, it is because all the layers of the population are represented there and all the stages of the life shown without artifices. So of course, “Plus belle la vie” is a soap, and some storylines are unrealistic. But the fact remains that the hearts of all French people have vibrated, evening after evening, year after year, to the rhythm of marriages, deaths, small victories and great sorrows of Blanche, Mirta, Thomas or Luna, to name but a few. .

Only here, an audience in decline and the competition of small news of the genre like “Un si grand soleil” on France 2 or “Here everything begins” and “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1 will have got the better of the most cult series. Marseilles. To the great displeasure of the millions of French people (6.8 million, its record in 2008) whose daily meeting place it had been for eighteen years.

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