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For companies, the time of commitment

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“The company will be committed or it will not be. “This imperious command hovered over the entire morning of discussions organized on October 4 by “Obs”, in partnership with the movement Les Entreprises s’engage. “Companies are fully-fledged actors in our society”, underlined in the introduction, in video, Elisabeth Borne. The Prime Minister notably cited employment assistance for Ukrainian refugees as an example of solidarity. The Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, reminded him of the main lines of the government’s action and the three challenges to be met: support and training for the unemployed, “the attention needed by young people” — for which the “One young person, one solution” system is maintained — and preparation for the jobs of tomorrow, “to the ecological, digital and climate transition”.

Meeting these challenges is what the Les Entreprises s’engage movement intends to do, as explained by its two co-presidents, the High Commissioner for Employment Thibaut Guilluy and the CEO of Dalkia, Sylvie Jéhanno. Born in 2018, this movement now brings together 65,000 companies, of which 27% are medium-sized and 65% SMEs-SMIs, “who share their good practices in the service of a society that we want to be more inclusive and more sustainable”, summarized Sylvie Jéhanno. A corporate commitment that is “also good for their performance. It creates almost more motivation than our KPIs [indicateurs] economic. » Thibaut Guilluy pointed out that “Companies get involved, it’s a movement, not just another institution”, adding: “This movement is quite new, even in Europe. By combining the interests of businesses and the general interest, we can go much further. »

The sequel after the ad

“Spirit of rope”

During the first round table devoted to inclusion, starred chef Thierry Marx, founder of the Cuisine mode d’emploi(s) programme, offering everyone the opportunity to train in food trades, recalled that, among young , all-performance is no longer an end in itself. “I meet people who tell me: ‘I don’t want to have a sacrificial relationship with employment.’ An economic and social project is necessary for them. » Like many other speakers, the chef underlined the major interest of mentoring, this sponsorship that employees offer to middle and high school students who do not have networks. “A roped spirit”will later define Julie Walbaum, Managing Director of Maisons du Monde, and a relay within companies, to create “a dynamic spiral essential to inclusion”.

“Too bad if I earn less”: they have chosen to give up great professional ambitions

Flora Ghebali, who advises companies through her agency, Coalitions, confirmed that young people “do not have the same approach to the hybridization of professional and personal life”. To the point that it happens that HRDs are “disturbed by the inversion of the balance of power, in interviews, where young people ask more questions than them”. Phenomenon that she says she observes among young graduates, more and more of whom refuse to integrate groups considered polluting.

Arnaud Gonzague (“Obs”), Isabelle Giordano (BNP-Paribas), Julie Walbaum (Maisons du Monde) and Demba Yatera (Euro Sûreté Protection) during the morning discussion organized by “Obs”, in partnership with the Les Entreprises s’engage movement, on October 4, 2022, in Paris. (BRUNO COUTIER FOR “THE OBS”)

Including young people is one of the watchwords of Axa France, reminded its HRD, Amélie Watelet. Of the 5,000 to 6,000 employees recruited each year, half are young, and a quarter come from work-study programs. “Our goal is for 1% of our workforce to ‘monitor’ young peopleshe also exposed. We are halfway there. » Working with several associations, Axa is pleased that 16% of its 2021 recruits come from priority neighborhoods in the city.

“Social, ecological, inclusive: if the company wants to survive, this is how it must be”

Priority: the term has a completely different dimension in certain countries, argued Anne-Laure Kiechel, economic adviser to many states, recalling that half of the inhabitants of the planet live on less than two dollars a day. In Senegal, his firm Global Sovereign Advisory supported the “rapid entrepreneurship” initiative, a government system similar to microcredit, aimed at young and female audiences. “Micro reality is a sum of small projects that gives overall consistency”in this African country mainly endowed with very small businesses.

The sequel after the ad

Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, during the morning of discussions organized by
Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour, during the morning of discussions organized by “l’Obs”, in partnership with the Les Entreprises s’engage movement, on October 4, 2022, in Paris. (BRUNO COUTIER FOR “THE OBS”)

During the second round table of this morning in 2049, Julie Walbaum, from Maisons du Monde, admitted that it was ” very risky ” for this decoration company having its products manufactured “80% in Asia”, to recall its environmental commitments. “But precisely, we have to explain what we do well and what we do less well, to allow other companies to go there too. » This sincerity has been good for the brand image of Maisons du monde: of the 900 new recruits, a third mentioned their commitments as one of their motivations.

Work on the ground which echoes that which Demba Yatera, the CEO of Euro Sûreté Protection, a company of security agents, carries out with young people in Yvelines. Himself from the difficult neighborhoods of Trappes, he had to deliver hard work to save his business in 2009. From a bankrupt company with 15 employees, he made a flourishing company of more than 500 employees (including 350 on permanent contracts). ), with a turnover of 10 million, up 50% this year. Recalling that security is a job in tension, Demba Yatera, who works with several associations, praised the device “A young person, a solution”, “a very good thing that allowed us to take on young people to train them better”.

Talents and opportunities

Demba Yatera’s atypical itinerary is “exemplary”greeted Isabelle Giordano, general delegate of the BNP-Paribas foundation: “There is a lot of talent in the neighborhoods”ignited the former journalist, who regrets a French school system “deeply unequal”, little capable of leading these audiences to success. Half of his foundation’s budget goes to “vulnerable groups” : young people, women and refugees. Contrary to an ultraliberal vision according to which the company has the sole purpose of making profits, “we are here to have an impact on civil society”. A political role, against the rise of extremes, exclusion and despair, that French groups must assume more.

Demba Yatera: success, in complete safety

The final word went to the Minister for SMEs, Olivia Grégoire. “The state is neither the solution nor the problem, but part of the solutionshe assured. We cannot expect everything, in the face of climate transition, from the State alone or from companies alone”. “The shot is gone, and it will go by accelerating in two, three years”, she added, happy that a thousand companies have adopted the status of “mission” company (created by a 2019 law), which emphasizes their commitment as a raison d’être. On October 4, the speakers intended to prove this optimism right, like Demba Yatera, for whom “we are in a beautiful country where there are plenty of opportunities”.

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