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French people deprived of bank accounts because of their Russian name

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He immediately crumpled it up and threw it in the trash. On July 15, Evgueni Galperine received a registered letter from La Banque Postale, announcing the closure of his three bank accounts, without any apparent reason, after thirty-one years of good and loyal service, and without any financial difficulty. It shocked me, I thought it was not possible », he exclaims. This 47-year-old film music composer thinks he can guess the reason for this sudden closure:

“I was born in Russia [ex-URSS] and I have a Russian name. But I left the country at 15 and I have only one nationality: French nationality, since I was 20. »

If he has already collaborated with Russian film production companies, Evgueni Galperine is also an active critic of the Putin regime, not hesitating to share his opinions on Facebook, and refuses any collaboration with Russian cinema since the invasion of the Ukraine on February 24. He also has nothing to do with the 1,212 oligarchs, propagandists and Kremlin officials listed by the European Union (EU), including 13.8 billion euros in bank assets that have been frozen since March 9, according to the European Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders.

But like several hundred Russian-speaking French people and Russian nationals, the composer is going through hell with his French bank. Since the implementation of sanctions against Russia and its oligarchs, these customers of large French banks have seen their transfers scrupulously

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