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It is a country without streams or rivers, a country of pebbles and dust, where apart from a few sand dunes in the south, the only mountains are the glass skyscrapers of West Bay, Doha’s showcase district. Seen from the sky and at night, the skyline of the artificial islands of The Pearl swirls and sparkles with a thousand lights, like a gold and silver snail shell resting on the ocean. It’s the wow effect, designed to impress the visitor. Nothing is too good, nothing is too expensive, nothing is too high to show off the glory and splendor of Qatar.

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar

On the scale of the Gulf, the country is a tiny confetti: 11,500 square kilometers, 2.8 million inhabitants, of whom less than 12% are Qatari. Barely the size of Ile-de-France. A piece of desert where it is hot to die for. But on a global scale, a striking power that makes you dizzy: with 24.7 trillion cubic meters of natural gas, Qatar ranks third in world reserves, behind Russia and Iran. . With its GDP per capita, it stands out as the richest country in the world. And intends to remain so: by 2027, the emirate plans to increase its production by more than 60% to reach 110 million tonnes. A windfall for the Old Continent wishing to get rid of its dependence on Russian gas. A 130-year life insurance for the small country, eager to exist on the world map. For thirty years, the State has been labeling its petro-gaso-dollars

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