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Should we watch the “Gross Cup”? The fans’ dilemma

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At Hall’s Beer Tavern, the notes of American blues-rock cover the hubbub. Beer glasses clink together. But in front of the screen, the atmosphere is frankly soft. This Sunday evening in November, a few viewers are following the Ligue 1 clash between Lyon and Marseille in this sports bar in the first arrondissement of Paris. The World Cup is approaching, and yet Romain, a 37-year-old Olympique Lyonnais fan, is struggling to get excited: “Given everything that is happening in Qatar, I feel that I will not live this edition to the full. » The humanitarian and environmental setbacks attributed to the host country of the World Cup weigh on the conscience of the supporters.

“These abuses shock me, but is that a reason to draw a line under my passion? » asks Roman. At the next table, Thierry, 57, the boss of the establishment, affirms that he will broadcast the matches of the Blues without hesitation: “If I deprive myself of this unifying moment and the competing bars do not line up, I will lose customers. » After having “suffered” the “yellow vests”, the Parisian transport strikes and the pandemic, he does not want to shoot himself in the foot.

Should we, can we really boycott the next big football party? Faced with this ethical dilemma, everyone is free to arbitrate between their morality, their experience and the importance we give to football.

Debates and counter-evenings

There is no shortage of arguments for the hesitant, starting with the shadow of corruption that hangs over this 22e editing

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