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The dark world of Krusty, the Jewish clown from the “Simpsons”

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The lines of these films are recited. We know the lyrics to these songs by heart. We are inexhaustible on the characters of this series… In short, it’s cult! Each week, “Cult Plan” delves into the history of legendary works.

Ask “Simpsons” fans to name the most sinister of all of the show’s illustrious characters: chances are they’ll answer Mr. Burns, Homer Simpson’s boss. However, there is another that we believe should take the crown. His name is Krusty, he’s a clown, and he’s sadness personified. In a way, he embodies the double negative of Homer.

What ? Did you ever notice the physical similarity between Krusty and Homer? Yet it is striking for a simple reason: the creator of the “Simpsons”, Matt Groening, had indeed found amusing the idea that Bart finds his father useless when he was consumed with admiration for a TV clown who looks like him in any point.

Krusty, Homer look-alike, then. But he’s as depressed, lonely, and self-destructive as Papa Simpson, despite his host of flaws (stupid, gluttonous, lazy, inconstant…), is a jolly fellow and good citizen of the good town of Springfield. If Homer makes people laugh, it’s often at his expense, while Krusty has a screw comica extraordinary – he even likes Lisa Simpson, the nerd of the family.

Homer is a Mr. Everyman (by the way, “Simpson” is the common surname par excellence across the Atlantic

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