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“When Macron says that sport should not be politicized, it is denying a reality”

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Emmanuel Macron tried to extinguish the controversies that continue to rage around the Football World Cup in Qatar, which is due to start this Sunday, November 20. Faced with persistent criticism of human rights violations in the emirate or even of the climatic impact of the competition, the President of the Republic affirmed that he was not “not for the boycott” and felt that he “sport should not be politicized”after having announced its presence in Qatar for the semi-final or the final in the event of the presence of the France team.

A statement far from the reality of the relationship between sport and politics, recalls Paul Dietschy, professor of contemporary history at the University of Franche-Comté and director of the review “Football(s). History, culture, economy, society”. Maintenance.

Is it even possible to separate sport and politics?

Paul Dietschy The Olympic ideal, like that of Fifa, has always been to avoid any political interference in sport. The goal is to establish a place of universal neutrality: by not talking about politics, we can bring together very different people.

World Cup in Qatar: a journey behind the scenes

But in practice, sport has always been linked to politics, and Emmanuel Macron is in no position to say otherwise because this is particularly the case in France. From 1920, there was a Tourism and Sports section within the Service of French Works Abroad, which depended on the Ministry

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