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Whispli, a platform for whistleblowers

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Business leaders, like those responsible for public entities, can no longer afford to ignore the problems that arise within their structures. Bosses have always been sensitive to embezzlement or security issues that could cut into their income. In recent times – especially with the proliferation of #MeToo scandals – they have understood that it has also become strategic to become aware of the inappropriate behavior of their employees, whether it is a breach of ethics, discrimination, racism or moral or sexual harassment…

That’s good: in 2019, the European Union launched a directive to protect whistleblowers. And France is one of the first countries to have transposed this text: the Waserman law, which extends the Sapin II law, came into force on 1er September 2022. Not only does it broaden the definition of a whistleblower, but it stipulates that all companies with more than 50 employees – and all banks, regardless of size – must set up a whistleblower alert for their employees. The whistleblower can then choose that this report be made to the management of his organization or externally, to a public body. In addition, he must be protected against reprisals.

A two-way, secure and anonymous communication channel

“Things are moving in the right direction, even if many companies remain

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