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Alexis Corbière castigates the “flat encephalogram” of the Blues

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While the very controversial 2022 World Cup begins this Sunday, November 20 in Qatar, Alexis Corbière and Mathilde Panot regret the silence of France and the Blues concerning the conditions for organizing the competition.

“Why do we have the most timorous national team in the world on these issues? »asked Alexis Corbière on France info, citing the example of other teams, such as Denmark or Germany, who have taken a position on human rights and ecological issues related to the World Cup which begins on Sunday.

The sequel after the ad

Addressing the players of the France team, “too shy”the elected official added:

“No, guys, you are magnificent players, symbols for youth. But you are not only balloon artists. Speak up to say that there are things that are unacceptable. »World Cup in Qatar: a journey behind the scenes

“The football we love is rebel football”

The rebellious deputy thus judged that Captain Hugo Lloris “should have been silent” when he said it was important to “show respect” to the culture of Qatar. “Culture is not women who need a man as a guardian. When homosexuality is repressed, it’s not culture, it’s reactionary. I am for human rights everywhere”he said.

The football we love is rebel football. These are the personalities who, in history, at some point, have spoken,” continued the deputy. “These are not people, flat encephalogram, all shy”.

How Fifa underestimated the carbon footprint of FIFA World Cup stadiums

Guest of BFMTV, the leader of the LFI deputies Mathilde Panot judged for her part that ” minimum “ would be to have “a political boycott” and “diplomatic” du Mondial, deploring the presence of the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin at the opening ceremony.

The sequel after the ad

She regretted that Fifa had refused the request made by 120 French deputies to pay a fund of 440 million euros to the families of the few “6,500 dead workers” by building stadiums.

The players of the France team have however indicated that they will provide financial support to NGOs working “for the protection of human rights”reminding them “attachment” to “refusal of any form of discrimination”

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