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how the Covid created “semi-nomads”

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Before our videoconference, Emilie was kind enough to move a few meters away so that the strip of sand, the palm trees and the stretching ocean did not appear behind her – behind our backs, the horizon is a red brick wall. We will still ask to see the postcard at the end of the interview, to understand what it looks like, teleworking from a terrace in Mexico. It’s been almost two weeks since this 30-year-old moved to Puerto Escondido, in the state of Oaxaca, ” surfers paradise open to the North Pacific. His employer, a company in the tourism sector which has around thirty employees, now offers each of them the opportunity to leave Paris to telecommute from abroad for three weeks. Emily details:

“It’s a big step forward: before the Covid, we couldn’t even telecommute. We are now in a hybrid organization, with two or three days a week in the office and the possibility of teleworking abroad. »

Here, his days start earlier than in France, and his morning is devoted to meetings with colleagues, who are no longer in the same time zone. “And around 3:30 p.m., I can go to the beach. I also have the weekends to enjoy. This allows you to combine work and visits, while being cooler than in Paris. »

For years, large groups have been offering their employees temporary expatriation experiences, such as in the firm.

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