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“I am a pessimist… who has hope”

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He filmed the mafia, finance and America like no one else. But he also explored faith, the history of cinema… There are countless masterpieces by Martin Scorsese, from “Raging Bull” to “Wolf of Wall Street” via “Taxi Driver” or “The Freedmen”. The filmmaker has spoken about it many times in the pages of “l’Obs”, recounting his career, his successes but also his doubts.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, this Thursday, November 17, we are republishing the confidences of this giant of the seventh art who draws a portrait of Scorsese by himself.

“In my childhood, the cinema was the ideal refuge”

Excerpts from an interview published on December 8, 2011, on the occasion of the release of “Hugo Cabret”.

You are considered one of today’s greatest directors. Do you doubt your status as an artist?

No, but I wonder if I still have something to say, if I still have something in my stomach. Can I go further?

Go further than what?

Everything I did, I did without looking around. I just moved forward. Now I turn around, I see what I’ve done and I wonder: can I still tell a story that will push back the boundaries of my universe?

How to do ?

By changing the structures of the narrative. I don’t want to end up in the shoes of an admired, celebrated director, who will sign blockbusters with lots of special effects. I have to move on.

I insist: moving towards what?

Towards… (long silence). Towards…something

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