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Irina Karamanos, the first lady who no longer wants to be

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The Primera Dama no longer wants to be a prima donna. Irina Karamanos, that’s her name, is the first lady of Chile – or rather, was. She is still the companion of Gabriel Boric, elected to the presidency in December, the youngest (35 years old) in the entire history of the country. But there will soon no longer be, officially, a “first lady’s office”. The young anthropologist and feminist activist will no longer walk to the Moneda Palace, with her backpack, to carry out her duties. “The institutional role of ‘first lady’, as we know it, will come to an end”she announced in early October.

It’s a first. The concept of “First Lady” goes back to the wife of the 4e American President, James Madison (in power 1809-1817), who had helped furnish the White House and invited politicians from both parties to receptions. It has evolved over the centuries, with some extremely active and influential First Ladies (the most famous being Eleanor Roosevelt), others in the background (Melania Trump, most recently), still others maintaining their professional activity, such as Jill Biden, who continues to teach English composition at a local university twice a week. But while Karamanos dreams of returning to academic research, perhaps focusing on education, she goes beyond what other First Ladies have done: she doesn’t just want to live her life as much as possible. professional “as before”, escape the shackles of the f

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