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“Our best memories? Our family laughter!”

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Gad Elmaleh and Roschdy Zem are granted. They have just released, each, a film that they are directing and performing. For Gad Elmaleh, “Rest a bit” (in theaters November 15), a film between documentary and fiction that tells of his temptation for Catholicism and the reaction of his Sephardic Jewish family from Morocco. Roschdy Zem, meanwhile, talks about the illness of one of his brothers in “Les Miens”, in theaters on November 23.

The origins, the family, the Virgin Mary… Gad Elmaleh and Roschdy Zem, dialogue between two friends

The two artists, friends in life, and who share Moroccan origins, the love of giggles and an unlimited complicity, agreed to confide in front of the camera of “Obs”. They evoke their meeting, their common memories… Both moving and funny. An exclusive cross interview to discover in our video above.

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