Home News “Powerful explosions” reported in the area of ​​​​the Ukrainian power plant in Zaporizhia

“Powerful explosions” reported in the area of ​​​​the Ukrainian power plant in Zaporizhia

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Concern is growing again around the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia. Of “powerful explosions” occurred in this sector, located in the south of Ukraine, announced this Sunday, November 20 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

“The information is extremely disturbing. Explosions have occurred at the site of this large nuclear power plant, which is completely unacceptable”said its general manager, Rafael Grossi, in a press release.

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Emmanuel Macron spoke on Sunday with the Director General of the IAEA on the situation of the nuclear power plant. After this interview, the French President “will probably speak this afternoon” to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, said the Elysée.

In Ukraine, almost half of the energy infrastructure was damaged by Russian strikes

Who, Russia or Ukraine, is behind these bombardments? Both sides accuse each other. The Ukrainian nuclear agency implicated Russia, shortly after similar accusations from Moscow accusing kyiv of strikes against this site.

“This morning of November 20, 2022, following numerous Russian bombardments, at least 12 strikes were recorded on the site of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant”Energoatom said, accusing the Russians of“Once again organize nuclear blackmail and put the whole world in danger”.

The largest power plant in Europe

Russia, for its part, had castigated, a little earlier, the responsibility of the Ukrainian forces, while ensuring that the level of radiation remained ” to comply with the standard “. “The kyiv regime does not stop provocations in order to create the threat of a disaster at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant”the Russian military said in a statement.

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On Saturday and Sunday, Ukrainian forces fired more than 20“large caliber shells” on the plant, according to the press release. These notably exploded between energy blocks number 4 and 5 and targeted the roof of a “special building” located near these blocks, according to the same source.

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Russia, which has been carrying out an offensive in Ukraine since February 24, militarily occupies the territory of the power station – which is the largest in Europe – and Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed its annexation, as well as that of four regions. Ukrainians.

For several months, Moscow and kyiv have accused each other of bombardments on the site, under Russian control but located not far from the front line.

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