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6 questions about the end of an empire

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Game-over. The struggle between the two big cats and their prey (?) ended logically with the victory of the most cruel of these animals – Vincent Bolloré –, with the retreat of the most powerful who had little to do in the history – Bernard Arnault, the richest man in France – and by the defeat of the weakest who will be cut up by the winners – Arnaud Lagardère. It is now official: Vincent Bolloré and Vivendi, who already held 27% of the capital, will launch a takeover bid for 3 billion on the shares of the Lagardère group. They already have 18% of Amber Capital in their pocket, which gives them 45% of the shares. Bernard Arnault will sell his 10% to them, and Arnaud Lagardère will have to decide what to do with his 14%: sell them to Bolloré, to repay his debts and enjoy the rest to do what he has always loved – live in the States. United and go to see tennis matches – or take with him a small piece of his family company that would not interest Bolloré.

Because several questions still arise about what was one of the largest French industrial groups. But that was before, when Jean-Luc Lagardère (died in 2003), Arnaud’s father, was in charge and he was both the master of Airbus, a major player in mobility ( founder of Matra cars, inventor of the Val automatic metro, the one that connects Orly to the Paris metro for example), a big arms dealer, a big publisher (Hachette), a media man (co-founder of

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