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On the set of “De Grâce”, the promising new series of Arte on the dockers of the port of Le Havre

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If we still doubted how much the series stick with a surprising adherence to the world around us, this short prank on the set of “De Grâce” will have convinced us. This series, created by screenwriters Maxime Crupaux and Baptiste Fillon, is coming to life these days near Antwerp. A universe today very far from Jacques Brel’s idea of ​​the northern ports: few sailors with a green soul ” full of beer and drama in this maze, but thousands of containers lowered from the freighters by colossal machines circulating between dozens of hangars, cranes, backhoe loaders, semi-trailers and, to handle them, a few secret and silent human beings: the dockers.

Director Vincent Maël Cardona gives directions to Gringe during the filming of a scene. (ALEXANDREA FLEURANTIN)

This profession is largely the subject of the six episodes that we will be able to see on Arte at the end of next year. More precisely, this co-production between the channel, Ego Production, Mediawan and Savage Films focuses on the dockers of Le Havre. So why film them 500 kilometers higher than the Seine Maritime? It is precisely that the dockers of Le Havre said no. The news items taking place in recent years among them and the reports that have succeeded them have cooled them. Big guys in parkas are more sensitive than they look.

How cocaine trafficking contaminated the port of Le Havre

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