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Write the Memoirs of the Algerian War before they disappear

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This is the story of two tragic destinies intertwined and two opposing versions of the facts. The story of a past shared by heirs whose wounds cannot be healed. A story without an end, like the war in Algeria has so many left in family circles. On one side, there is the Boucif family. On the other, the Vallat family. Mokhtar Boucif was director of a school in Thiersville, a small village in western Algeria, near Mascara, now called Ghriss. Félix Vallat was the mayor. The first had been accused of having organized the ambush which had cost the life of the second: on April 8, 1958, in the midst of the Algerian war (1954-1962), the mayor and his wife had been killed, near their farm , in front of their children. A few days later, the school principal had been brutally arrested, detained in a barracks and had given no sign of life. The case had caused a stir before being buried, transmitted only in the narrow sphere of family memories.

Diving into colonial Algeria (1830-1962)

To the children and grandchildren of Mokhtar Boucif, we told the story of a brilliant man, a 17-year-old teacher, in 1937, a time when very few Algerians had access to qualified employment. Mokhtar was described as a tireless defender of colonial abuses, who had forged strong bonds of friendship in all walks of life, including that of “Europeans” as they called it at the time. He did not hesitate to ask the administration

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