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Dean Tavoularis, the man behind the scenes

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Here is a brilliant album, “Conversations with Dean Tavoularis”, which every cinephile must have, where the artist explains his art (he is a painter), and his tribulations with Arthur Penn (two films) or Coppola (thirteen films, including “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now”!). The illustrations – filming photos, sketches, paintings – are sumptuous. The man has been Parisian for years and, in this street at 17e district which housed so many fin-de-siècle painters (Albert Dawant, Jean-Joseph Weerts, Etienne-Prosper Berne-Bellecour, Ferdinand Heilbuth, Adrien Moreau, François Flameng, Léon-François Comerre, Walter Gay, Jules Machard, all completely forgotten ) continues to create.

Surrounded by sketches, paintings, memories, Dean Tavoularis, 90, looks back on his past, with undisguised pleasure. ” I was lucky “, he says to explain his unique career. Certainly, but luck, in this case, is another name for talent. Interview.

What exactly is your function, on a set, as a “production designer?”

Dean Tavoularis I am often asked the question. Usually I’m given a script and asked to read it. Images come to mind, then. That’s my job. Translate these images. The difference with a cinematographer is that I have to put something in front of the camera, whether it’s a black dog or a white cat, and he has to photograph it. My job is to find the dog and the cat. There remains the question of the frame

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