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“New Rose”, the mythical label that always makes rock children dream

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On the site of the Moonboy editions, the mention “sold out” flashes. Barely a few days after its release, the book “Replay New Rose For Me”, which retraces the history of the Parisian record store and label New Rose, is already sold out. ” We had planned a small print run of 500 copies and the book is a victim of its own success “, explains the publisher Fabrice Couillerot, who is already considering a reissue. But how to explain such a craze for this niche book?

Co-founder of New Rose with Patrick Mathé, now deceased, Louis Thevenon is also one of the authors of the book: “I didn’t expect it, I’m the first surprised, he admits. It’s obviously a real Proust madeleine for anyone who has known the store. »

The sequel after the ad

It must be said that New Rose was something! We no longer realize it today, with widespread streaming and all the music available instantly at home, but buying a record could be dangerous! The record store, whose name is inspired by the famous track “New Rose” by the legendary English punk band Damned, opened its doors in the early 1980s, rue Pierre-Sarrazin, in Paris. On Saturday afternoons, a busy day, the skinheads – whom everyone feared at the time – met there, attacked and robbed customers of their records, or got confused with punks. We went there sometimes worried, but always fascinated. It therefore transpired the danger outside, but also inside.

The Cramps European tour poster, 1986. (NEW ROSE COLLECTION)

We discovered there the albums of the most obscure, the most dangerous, the most exciting and the most legendary groups such as those of the Cramps, the Saints (the very first signature of the label) or the Gun Club, with its terrifying cover of zombies with machetes , specially designed by Louis Thevenon. New Rose was both a record store, an independent distributor and a label that signed a fine lineup of damned rock souls, such as Alex Chilton, Calvin Russel, Chris Bailey or Johnny Thunders. French bands were not left out, with among others, Warum Joe (one of Louis Thevenon’s favorite bands), Les Calamités, La Souris déglinguée or les Soucoupes violentes.

In short, everything that mattered in rock, punk, garage and new wave and that could not be found elsewhere. We then left with a record, a copy of the English press or a fanzine, and one or two badges, which we were careful not to pin before leaving to avoid trouble. Hoping to keep all these treasures beyond the rue Sarrazin.

Les Calamités will be in concert on November 25 in Rouen and December 3 in Paris.
Les Calamités will be in concert on November 25 in Rouen and December 3 in Paris. (NEW ROSE COLLECTION)

For more than a decade, New Rose has simply forged musical culture and marked a whole generation of rock children. An essential history of rock in France. Louis Thevenon remembers:

The sequel after the ad

People came as if on pilgrimage, from Paris, the provinces or even from abroad and mail order sales were going full steam ahead with the regular dispatch of 3,000 copies of the catalog to our customers. »

It is all this adventure told by the fascinating – but unfortunately out of stock for the moment – ​​“Replay New Rose For Me”, beautifully illustrated with more than 900 archival documents (covers, photos, posters and concert tickets , models, advertisements…), in which you can admire all the work of the photographer Alain Duplantier and the in-house graphic designers, Philippe Huart and Pearl Cholley.

Alex Chilton

In the meantime, we can still immerse ourselves in the New Rose universe thanks to the two exhibitions (documents and iconography) and concerts by artists from the label (Les Calamités, les Soucoupes violentes, Gilles Tandy, etc.) planned in Paris and Rouen, for accompany the release of the book. And good news, a few copies will still be on sale during these events, with the added bonus of the New Rose bag from the time, which Louis Thevenon found by chance, in two boxes forgotten in the cellar.

Exhibitions: “Replay New Rose For Me”: in Paris, Galerie Mortier, 77 rue Amelot, until November 26, 2022; then in Rouen, at 106, allée François-Mitterrand, from November 25 to February 25, 2023.Gigs: on November 25, 2022 at 106, in Rouen, and show case on December 3 at Gibert-Joseph, in Paris.

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