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Star dancer François Alu slams the door of the Paris Opera

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After twelve years at the Paris Opera, François Alu announced this Wednesday, November 23, his departure from the prestigious institution. In a press release, he announced that he was resuming his “full professional freedom”.

Barely seven months after his nomination for the supreme title of star, François Alu “will soon leave the Ballet” of the Opera, indicated for his part the director general of the venerable institution Alexander Neef, specifying that it was a question of “the culmination of close dialogue” with the dancer who has often been referred to as “rebel” in the company.

The sequel after the ad

On the Instagram post in which he announces the decision to his fans, the ex-star and current member of the jury of “Dancing with the stars” explains that he wants to focus on other artistic projects, such as his only-on-stage ” Completely thrown away”. He also thanked the Director General of the Opera Alexander Neef. The dancer explains that he wants to pursue other artistic inclinations and “very much wants to play again in the cinema, to play in the theater again, to [se] dive into writing, directing, producing and of course always dancing”.

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Instagram – A post shared by François Alu (@francoisalu)

To absent subscribers despite his appointment in April, the 28-year-old dancer – one of the few to be known to the general public – had been the subject of many rumors linked to his absence on stage this fall.

He recently missed the opportunity to dance in the ballet Mayerling which gives pride of place to the principal dancer. In the press release, the Opera specifies that it was withdrawn from the distribution of Swan Lake in December. Another blow for recently appointed director José Martinez.

The sequel after the ad

A very rare fact

This is the first time that a star has left the prestigious company without having danced the slightest role after having reached the supreme title. The number of male stars at the Opera, which already shows an imbalance with female stars, is reduced to five, for a company of 154 dancers.

The two parties did not rule out possible “future collaborations”Alexander Neef specifying that it will be up to the new Director of Dance, José Martinez, who will take office on December 5, 2022, to discuss with the dancer.

Virtuoso, darling of the public of the Ballet de l’Opéra who nicknamed him “alu-cinant, François Alu, 28, joined the company in 2010 and, in four years, experienced a meteoric rise, rising to the rank of “first dancer” preceding the star title.

His fans had been indignant for many years not to see him access the supreme title and to be poorly distributed. On Wednesday, some spoke of a feeling of “mess”.

The last time a star left the company with a bang was in 1989, when the legendary Sylvie Guillem left to devote herself to an international career.

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