Home Celebrity “Struggle, conflict, difficulty are unique to our human condition”

“Struggle, conflict, difficulty are unique to our human condition”

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In the battle between digital platforms to hold the attention of viewers by producing series in abundance, the angle of attack chosen by Apple TV + stands out. A bit like the HBO channel in its time, it offers little but seems to offer its authors time, freedom and means to develop less formatted stories than elsewhere. After “Severance”, “Ted Lasso” or “Slow Horses”, this is the case for “Echo 3”, an impressive plunge into the jungle, literally and figuratively, of Colombia and Venezuela where an American scientist is kidnapped by guerrillas convinced that she is a CIA agent. Her husband and brother, specialists in “special operations”, these private sector soldiers, are determined not to leave her in the hands of an organization at the crossroads of political activism, terrorism and drug trafficking. .

After watching five of the ten episodes, we must admit that this exploration of the geopolitical interests of the United States, the complex forces at work in Colombia and the physical and mental limits of a hostage largely keeps its promises. Due to a striking realism, an unstoppable political thriller scenario and an outstanding interpretation on the part of Jessica Collins (the heroine) and Luke Evans (her brother).

Mark Boal, the creator of the series, is one of those American journalists whose stories in the press were so gripping that Hollywood bought them

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