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why do americans have a problem with guns?

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Two shootings in four days. The latest, at the time of writing, dates back to Tuesday, November 22: six people were killed in a Wallmart supermarket in the state of Virginia. Saturday, it was in an LBGTQ club in the city of Colorado Springs that a killing was perpetrated, causing five deaths. Since the beginning of 2022, 606 mass shootings have been recorded in the United States, according to the organization Gun Violence Archive – which defines a mass shooting from four dead or injured by gunshot, not counting the shooter.

Across the Atlantic, every three or four months, a crackpot armed with an assault rifle enters a supermarket, a school, a church, and massacres innocent people. The country has thus become the sad champion of mass killings. After each of them, the reasonable part of America demands that this madness be stopped by laws restricting the arms trade. Each time, they face the other camp which has two major advantages for it: the American individualist tradition and the second amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees all citizens the right to possess weapons.

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After the Texas Massacre, 10 Inconvenient Truths About America and Guns

Why this individualistic tradition? Where does this amendment come from? In what context was it adopted? And how does the arms lobby, represented in particular by the NRA (National Rifle Association) use it to try to block any attempt at reform? François Reynaert, alias Oncle Obs, explains everything to you, in this new video to see at the top of the article, produced by Mahaut Landaz.

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