Home News a bombed maternity in Vilniansk, a dead baby

a bombed maternity in Vilniansk, a dead baby

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A newborn baby was killed by a Russian strike on a maternity hospital in the Zaporizhia region, annexed by Moscow, in southern Ukraine, Ukrainian emergency services said on Wednesday (November 23).

In Odessa, living despite the war

“On the night of November 23, in the city of Vilnyansk in the Zaporizhia region, a two-story building housing a maternity ward was destroyed by a rocket attack in the area of ​​the local hospital”said the rescuers in a message posted on a social network. “As a result of the attack, a baby born in 2022 has died”they added.

The sequel after the ad

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“terrorist state”

The woman was injured, Volodymyr Zelensky said on Telegram. “The terrorist state continues to wage war on civilians”, he launched. The Ukrainian President accused Russia of “terror and murder”.

“A dictator cannot lose a war”: Putin, the human bomb

Emergency services released a video showing rescuers trying to free a man half buried in the debris.

The small town of Vilniansk is located in the north of the Zaporijjia region, the major part of which in the south is occupied by Russian troops while Moscow has announced the annexation of this territory.

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