Home News “But why don’t most Russians question the propaganda? », Zoïa Svetova’s Moscow newspaper

“But why don’t most Russians question the propaganda? », Zoïa Svetova’s Moscow newspaper

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It has now been ten months since the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine began. Long enough to try to answer a fundamental question: why don’t the Russians protest against it? What do they really think of this situation?

In mid-November, for their monthly survey, sociologists questioned residents of Moscow about the withdrawal of the Russian army from Kherson, in southern Ukraine. 49% of respondents say they support this decision. 42% believe that this withdrawal is explained by military reasons, while 32% consider that its reasons are political. Sociologists specify that 81% of those questioned are worried about the evolution of the “special military operation”.

However, it would be wrong to conclude that the Russians have no confidence in their military authorities, even though a wave of information on the chaos in Ukraine and the deterioration of the situation within the Russian army comes to us through unofficial channels. Despite the dissatisfaction of the wives of the mobilized who ask President Putin to improve the living conditions of the soldiers, the reality is pitiless: most Russians continue to believe the massive propaganda of the official media.

A setback, not a loss

I don’t watch TV, preferring independent news sources. But, in the morning, I listen from time to time to Izvestia radio, which broadcasts news from

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