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Anne Sylvestre, Jesse Tabish, Black Eyed Peas… Records to listen to (or not) this weekend

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♥♥♥♥ “Carousels”, by Anne Sylvestre

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It’s not really a record but, say, half of one. Like unfinished memoirs, a moving, very moving farewell, or a sign from beyond. Shortly before her death on November 30, 2020, Anne Sylvestre was still singing on stage, and we now know that she was planning to return in 2021 with new songs – her last album, “Just a woman” dates back to 2013.

It is therefore his ultimate artistic intentions that we hear in “Manèges”, reduced to five songs and two instrumentals. Two of them were captured in the studio: “Beating Heart” evokes “the end of the journey”, and “With you the deluge” takes up the theme of water dear to the singer, which delivers this important: “We will adapt to needing others, the neighbour’s survival will also be ours. » The rest was captured in public, during this last tour, entitled “Manèges” like this EP which came out two years later.

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