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Sofiane Bennacer accused of rape: what we know

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The actor Sofiane Bennacer, 25, is accused of rape, sexual, physical and psychological violence by four ex-companions, announce the public prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot and the daily “Le Parisien” this Friday, November 25. The young actor was considered the revelation of the film “Les Amandiers” by Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, acclaimed by critics.

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• Four complaints of rape and violence

“There were two indictments for acts of rape” on two ex-girlfriends as well as a third “Indictment for spousal abuse”, said the prosecutor of Mulhouse, where the case is being investigated. As part of a fourth complaint filed by another ex-girlfriend who denounced acts of rape, Sofiane Bennacer was placed under the more favorable status of assisted witness.

The sequel after the ad

The facts alleged occurred “between 2018 and 2019” in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Paris, and the presumed victims evolve “in the theater world”, according to Edwige Roux-Morizot. The alleged victims “describe an affair under the influence, during which non-consensual relations would have taken place”says “Le Parisien”.

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The National Theater of Strasbourg (TNS), where he had been admitted before resigning in 2021, had seized the Ministry of Culture of the facts “gender-based, sexual violence and harassment”. The Ministry of Culture then made a report to justice, said the prosecutor. Benjamin Morel, administrator of the TNS, told AFP on Wednesday that “it was Sofiane Bennacer who made the decision to resign on February 19, 2021”.

• Sofiane Bennacer excluded from the Césars competition

Sofiane Bennacer was one of the sixteen actors (and sixteen actresses) selected in mid-November as “emerging talent” by the Revelations Committee of the Académie des César. The institution decided in the wake of the announcement to exclude him against his will from the race for the nominations of the most promising male 2023.

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The Academy decided that “the information published by the press since November 22 […]ordered, without prejudice to the presumption of innocence and out of respect for the alleged victims, to remove it from the list of 32 Revelations for the Caesars 2,023 “she said Wednesday evening in a press release.

The sequel after the ad

• Denial of the actor

” I am innocent […] Does the presumption of innocence still exist? Or are we in a state of lawlessness, a state where the simple baseless accusation can destroy a life? », launched the actor in a long message on Instagram. He had already disputed the facts during his indictment.

“I may be boycotted by the cinema. Either way I got humiliated deep in my soul […] I’m going to be free in a few months because I haven’t done anything […] If there was any evidence against me, not just bogus testimonies, real evidence, I would already be in prison..

• Reaction from the film crewThe Almond Trees »

According to the newspaper “Liberation”, which explains in its edition of this Friday that it interviewed around thirty people, including around fifteen professionals from the production team of “Amandiers”, the filming of the film took place in an atmosphere “of omerta”.

“At no time did the production know before hiring him and at no time did the production orchestrate the slightest omerta to ensure that nothing came out of this story”assured producer Patrick Sobelmann to France Inter.

“It was absolutely impossible to stop filming and fire Sofiane for a very simple reason: we had no legal basis to do that”.

The director of the film Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi, current companion of Sofiane Bennacer according to several media including “Liberation” and “Le Parisien”, denounced in a press release a “media lynching, very far from a desire to inform objectively and impartially”. The director adds that she decided to continue filming despite her knowledge of “ rumors “concerning Sofiane Bennacer, who had it” artistically impressed […] from the first second of casting » of his movie.

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