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“Before Malik Oussekine, our dead had no name”

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On the night of December 5 to 6, 1986, while anti-Devaquet demonstrations set the country ablaze, Malik Oussekine was killed in the Latin Quarter by acrobats, Abdel Benyahia in a cafe in Pantin by a tipsy policeman. Thirty-five years later, Rachid Bouchareb returns to these two blunders, one of which was concealed by the police, through a held and dignified fiction punctuated with archive images where we find Reda Kateb, Lyna Khoudri , Samir Guesmi, Raphaël Personnaz… In full cohabitation Mitterrand-Chirac, Robert Pandraud utters horrors on Oussekine, the Mano Negra bellows “Mala Vida”, and France chants the slogan “Never again”.

How long has “Our brothers” been on your mind?

For thirty years. I always wanted to shoot “Indigènes”, then “Hors-la-loi”, which is the sequel to it, and “Nos brothers”, the sequel to “Hors-la-loi”. The three films go hand in hand. Political cinema, I discovered it with Costa-Gavras, Francesco Rosi, Sidney Lumet, Alan Pakula and “the Battle of Algiers” by Gillo Pontecorvo.

In the 1980s, what are you doing?

I have just completed “Bâton rouge”, my first feature film, about young people from the suburbs who dream of America, go there and come back in every sense of the word. I was then the only filmmaker of Algerian origin with Mehdi Charef. Mitterrand’s election lifts the lid. SOS-Racisme was born in 1984. With the singer Rachid Taha, we meet some of the members of the association. The

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