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Eric Clapton: “Music saved me”

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The last “guitar hero” of the Roaring Twenties of rock retraces in a superb disc the moments of his career. His lifelong fan, Bernard Géniès, confessed it in Milan.

At 20 and a little, he was called God. At the time, it is true, the rock world had a sense of etiquette and its Olympus was populated by a swarm of guitar heroes, “kings”, “princes”, “angels”. The legend did not last very long. The cherubs took on wrinkles and bellies, others disappeared, struck down in full glory. And God in all this? After a meteoric career with bands like the Yardbirds, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers and above all, Cream, he ended up falling on his head in the early 1970s.

Alcohol. Dope. The usual “crowning” cocktail of a rocker career. With one detail, however: this one had a real religion. The religion of the blues. That’s probably what saved him. A series of more or less successful solo albums allowed him to get back on the rock and roll bandwagon. World tours, charity concerts followed one another, with a few titles in the charts. Last December, he gave a series of twenty-four concerts at the Albert Hall in London. The best moments of these concerts have been collected in a double album, “24 Nights”. A way for the master to revisit his own story, between “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room” or “Edge of Darkness”.

Magical ! It’s really magical

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