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Projections on the big screen, virtual or augmented reality… museums are moving to 3D

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You need to review your geography. The Lascaux cave is no longer in the Dordogne. She migrated to the Parisian hill of Chaillot, within the City of Architecture and Heritage. The Cheops pyramid has left the Giza plateau and Egypt to land on the first floor of the Confluence shopping center in Lyon. As for Notre-Dame de Paris, it now stands under the Arche de la Défense, in the future Cité de l’Histoire (opening at the end of 2022).

Magic of the virtual, these three major sites of the world heritage of humanity now have digital twins within reach of 3D headphones. Developed by Dassault Systèmes, Emissive and Amaclio Productions respectively, these immersive experiences are as realistic as their success. “The Horizon of Cheops” attracted 50,000 explorers to the Arab World Institute, well beyond the expectations of its organizers. Enough to give ideas to other museums.

Virtual or augmented reality, projections on the big screen… No matter the swimsuit, it’s time to dive head first into the deep end of 3D. In Paris, the National Museum of Natural History, which in 2021 already proposed “A Sensory Odyssey”, is currently designing with Emissive a virtual journey of several million years to discover the fauna and flora in order to understand the theory of ‘evolution. Opening scheduled for September 2023.

And what better than a place dedicated to the sea to imagine immersive devices? Vincent Campredon, director of

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