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the three craziest solos of this guitar legend

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On November 27, Jimi Hendrix would have been 80 years old. As a tribute to this absolute legend of music, “l’Obs” invites you to relive the three legendary solos of this innovative melodist and outstanding guitarist, in concerts that have become legendary, during which he burns, mistreats and sometimes even sacrifices his Fender Stratocaster, in a maze of roaring chords.

In just a few years, on stage, this virtuoso from Seattle has inscribed his name in the pantheon of rock in gold. Died at the age of 27, like Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin or Kurt Cobain, on September 18, 1970, Jimi Hendrix, despite everything, had a major influence on the history of music by pushing the blues to its psychedelic entrenchments.

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“Jimi Hendrix, Hear My Train A Comin”, Warning, Flammable Guitarist

He, who could slide down the neck of his electric guitar for more than eight hours a day, was able to captivate the crowds in legendary lives. As evidenced by his visit to the Monterey Pop Festival on June 18, 1967, where in a fit of madness and after making love to her, he set his instrument on fire with the alcohol from his Zippo. Before destroying it by smashing it to the ground, in a final sacrifice.

Same refrain when he used his teeth as a pick, to imagine a solo descent at his show in Maui, this island in the Hawaiian archipelago where he performed on July 30, 1970. Or, without artifice, sometimes, Jimi Hendrix was able to imagine bold and avant-garde sounds, like his performance at the Atlanta Pop Festival on July 9, 1970, on his hit “Purple Haze”.

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