Home Sport Are footballers still immigrants like the others?

Are footballers still immigrants like the others?

by admin

From the wave of books on football published on the occasion of this World Cup, we extract a bit by chance A history of France in crampons » (Editions du Détour, 2022), by François Da Rocha Carneiro. The principle of the book is simple: tell French football in about thirty matches. Not necessarily the most sparkling in terms of the game, or the result, but those who say something else, who show how the history of this sport is intertwined with that of the country, in this crossroads which in his time had led the great sociologist Norbert Elias talking about football like a “total social fact”.

And here we come across a France-Italy of 1954.

The 1950s were a moment of glory for French football, when the Stade de Reims enchanted Europe, when the national team reached the semi-final of the 1958 World Cup (we had to wait until 1982 to repeat this feat), where she only failed against a sparkling Brazil, and where Just Fontaine set an unbeaten World Cup goalscoring record (13). But this team is debating: it is full of immi

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