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Fnac says no to anti-fascism, but yes to the “Great Replacement”, the bible of the far right

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The box of
The box of “Antifa the game”. (LIBERTALIA / MONTAGE BIBLIOBS)

On Sunday November 27, 2022, Fnac decided to no longer market “Antifa”, a board game created by the anti-fascist site La Horde, published in 2021 by Libertalia, and sold in 4,000 copies (i.e. all the printed copies of the first edition).

At the time of writing, the second edition of this game is therefore no longer available either in stores or on the Fnac site, but the latter continues to recommend it on its leclaireurfnac.com site, at the same title as the “Watergate” or “1988: Chirac against Mitterrand” games, under the heading “7 militant and political games that will make you a real activist”.

The sequel after the ad

Quote :

A movement oh so controversial, the antifas now have their board game. Initially thought of as a completely serious simulator for libertarian movements, the mechanics of “Antifa” have been simplified in order to become a board game accessible to the public. Each player embodies a young militant with specific abilities. You must cooperate in order to set up a group of antifascist activists and develop it: recruit members, find funding, organize actions…”

In the wake of far-right deputy Grégoire de Fournas (RN), excluded from the Hemicycle for two weeks after his “Let them return to Africa!” »), the Union of National Police Commissioners (SCPN) was indignant on Twitter: “This game is on sale at Fnac. A comment to thus highlight the antifas, which break, set fire to and attack in the demonstrations? »

To which Fnac replied:

We understand that the marketing of this “game” may have offended some of our audiences. We are doing what is necessary so that it will no longer be available in the next few hours. »

Fnac Darty, enlighten us!

On the part of Fnac, wouldn’t this self-denial be a form of rallying to the disastrous thought that currently dominates the minds of France? We swoon over a board game. On the other hand, the fact that Fnac markets a book like “the Great Replacement” seems very correct to the RN or to the Syndicate of Commissioners of the National Police.

In this racist book, Renaud Camus, as we know, claims that a monolithic Muslim people is replacing “the native French people”, as if it had remained unmixed and replaced for 2,000 years. This scholarly work is the breviary of the far right, the favorite thriller of Zemmourians (if there are any left). Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik made it a license to kill.

The sequel after the ad

Hervé Le Bras: “In France, there is no great replacement”

One of two things.

Either Fnac defends freedom of expression and, therefore, it must continue to sell both “Antifa” and “the Great Replacement”.

Either it opposes freedom of expression and practices censorship.

In this case, if she has decided to no longer market “Antifa”, she must stop selling “the Great Replacement”, a book, the marketing of which, to use her own words, she will understand may offend some of her audiences..

The sequel after the ad

“Our raison d’être: to commit to an informed choice”the Fnac Darty group swears to us, “European leader in omnichannel distribution”.

Its benevolent director, Enrique Martinez, also assures us: he only aspires to “make concrete this mission of supporting customers towards an informed choice”.

So, Fnac Darty, enlighten us. And be clear, you who embody, if I understood correctly, “the new standards of an omnichannel at human face ». If you’re not selling “Antifa” anymore, don’t sell “the Great Replacement”. Because it is our good pleasure. For you, isn’t the customer king? Do you have to sing it to an air of Rita Mitsouko? Tell me yes, Fnac Darty!

What to answer if the subject of the “great replacement” invites itself to your Christmas dinner?

We have seen that the Union of Commissioners of the National Police, by calling on Fnac to remove “Antifa” from its stores, won its case. It happens like this at Fnac Darty: Just ask nicely, the executive committee (Enrique, Florence, Annabelle, Charles-Henri, etc.) is very nice. Their credo: do not to hit ” nobody.

Double standards would be intolerable to the French. So now, let’s be omnichannel: let’s mobilize and massively call on Fnac to remove “the Great Replacement” and its message of hatred from its stores.

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