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France grants Ukraine a new loan of 100 million euros

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France will grant a bilateral loan of 100 million euros to help Ukraine, at war since the Russian invasion, announced this Tuesday, November 29 the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. This financial assistance is in addition to a loan of 300 million euros granted in March.

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“Financial assistance to Ukraine plays a crucial role in supporting the country’s economic stability and the continuity of public services”Bercy said in a statement. “It also contributes to the maintenance in operation of essential infrastructures, while the destruction carried out by Russia at the approach of winter has intensified and is generating serious consequences for the Ukrainian population”we added from the same source.

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30% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged

Russia embarked on a campaign of massive missile strikes targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in early October. According to figures quoted by the Ukrainian government, between 25 and 30% of this infrastructure was damaged.

The disbursement of funds, which will be paid “in the next few days” according to Bercy, was acted on Monday during a videoconference interview between the French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, his Ukrainian counterpart Sergii Marchenko and the French Development Agency (AFD). For its part, Germany has announced that it will provide “more than 350 generators” to Ukraine.

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In addition to financial support, France notably delivers defense equipment to Ukraine, which has been facing an attack from Russia since February 24.

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