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“Blues more gray than gray”

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“Go and understand why, in certain matches, everything frays, deteriorates at high speed. The players look like disarticulated puppets, move in marmot mode, slower, more borrowed than beginners. This is what I experienced during this match against Tunisia which we lost 1-0. Not enough to flog us in public or to blacklist this or that Blue, because, with the exception of one or two players, we have delivered one of the worst meetings of the France team for a very long time. More mediocre, it would have been difficult. Admittedly, the extenuating circumstances to explain this shipwreck are legion. Game without stake since we were already qualified for the round of 16. Opportunity to rotate the workforce and play the substitutes to keep them mobilized. There were therefore some concerns to be had about the cohesion of our replacement collective, a team 2, in a way. From there to see these reservists remained on the reserve to the point of making us doubt them, of their distressing level. These non-holders, these “second knives”, were made of tin. Unpleasant feeling of having, among the Blues, a bench of a tiny weakness. They should have, on the contrary, given everything on the field, given the game of their lives, to knock on the door of the holders. What went through their heads? They had flannel legs, suffered the impacts of the Tunisians, remarkable for their combativeness and technicality, who deserved to win more clearly.

In the head of “DD”: “How I resuscitated Griezmann”

I undoubtedly have my share of responsibility in this fiasco, this non-show. By trying bold experiments, installing, for example, certain players in positions they did not control, I took big risks. For more than 60 minutes, I transformed a few good technicians into lame ducks, multiplying the faults of placement, the hazardous passes, the situations of absolute panic in the defense. Les Bleus version titanic. I saw all the consequences of these coaching mistakes, I attribute them to myself without worry, but, basically, this match, as sinister as it is, is a great lesson for the rest of this World Cup. It will bring us back to more humility, less arrogance.

The sequel after the ad

The Blues must understand that we are only one team among many others. Tunisia has cruelly reminded us of this. I liked the moving game of this team, its sense of the collective, of self-sacrifice. Too many players, among the Blues, have hidden themselves, or have been paralyzed by I don’t know what fear. From now on, for the next match, eliminatory this time, there is no longer any question of playing the dancers, of avoiding contact, of whining about your mistakes. Whether it is Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia or Mexico, it will be necessary to work twice as hard. The holders, the Mbappé, Griezmann, Giroud, Tchouameni, and the others will be in warrior mode. I still have a few days ahead of me to convince them that they are still only contenders for a still distant title. For those who had taken the big head, at the start of the competition, or for the followers who saw us as a group of friends singing in the locker room, this dismounted Tunisian is not as serious as that. It is all the same a warning signal, a message that tells us “Attention, do not relax”. Message received… “

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