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the Blues on the track, the Iranian Kurds celebrate the elimination with horns

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4 p.m. – Start of the France-Tunisia match

The France team faces Tunisia with a slightly different composition from the first two games. Didier Deschamps has chosen to rotate the players: Mbappé, Griezmann and Lloris are on the bench. The Blues are already qualified, they are playing for first place in their group (D).

2 p.m. – The program of the day

Last simultaneous matches for groups C and D: the French team, already qualified and almost assured of first place, faces Tunisia at 4 p.m. for its third pool match, an opportunity to rotate the squad and leave Griezmann and Mbappé to rest. Denmark and Australia are competing at the same time for qualification in the round of 16, with a victory imperative for the Scandinavians.

The sequel after the ad

Total suspense in Group C, in which the future opponent of the Blues appears next Sunday: at 8 p.m., it is Lionel Messi’s Argentina who will tremble to score their ticket, with a match of all dangers against Poland of Robert Lewandowski, current first in Group D with 4 points. Saudi Arabia and Mexico, in ambush, can still dream of qualifying.

On Qatari time

Every day, “l’Obs” tells you about the daily life and the strangeness of the World Cup in Qatar, which began on November 20. This World Cup of all the controversies – environmental cost, flouted human rights, bereaved construction sites, suspicions of corruption – takes place in an unprecedented atmosphere. Hour by hour, follow the backstage of the competition of all excesses and find our reports and decryptions in our special file.

1 p.m. – Mbappé Uzbek hero

An improbable development as only social networks can offer. Kylian Mbappé unleashes passions in Uzbekistan after appearing by chance in a photo near the national flag. After France’s victory against Denmark on Saturday (2-0) at the World Cup in Qatar, the French striker posted on his Instagram account a photo, at first sight quite classic, where he celebrates his goal with supporters.

But the presence in this shot of the Uzbek flag – three horizontal bands of blue, white and green, with a moon and twelve stars – hanging from the platform facing Mbappé changed everything.
The photo is already one of the most commented on the striker’s page, with nearly 75,000 comments, mostly emojis representing the flag of this authoritarian country in Central Asia located 5,000 kilometers from Paris.

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11 a.m. – Horns or tears, contrasting scenes in Iran

The defeat of the Iranian football team against the United States and its elimination from the World Cup in Qatar have aroused scenes of joy and despair among Iranians in a country divided in the face of the protest movement for two and a half months. This game against the United States – arch enemy of the Islamic Republic – gave rise to extraordinary scenes of Iranians cheering the 1-0 defeat: “Who would have thought that I would be happy with America’s goal! » Iranian journalist Saeed Zafarany tweeted after the meeting.

The celebrations were particularly marked in Iranian Kurdistan, the cradle of the protest movement sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurd arrested on September 16 for violating the Islamic Republic’s strict dress code, which includes the obligation for women to wear the veil in public places. Cheers and honking sounded overnight in a neighborhood of the city of Sanandaj (northwest) after the goal scored by the United States, according to a video by Kurdish activist Kaveh Ghoreishi.

The goal also sparked cheers in Mahsa Amini’s hometown of Saghez, according to the London-based Iran Wire website, which posted a video showing fireworks with cheering sounds. The atmosphere was totally different in the towers of Tehran where thousands of people had gathered to encourage their team, in particular women wearing headscarves, in a country where women often have difficulty accessing stadiums.

In Qatar, supporters of the United States and Iran had mixed in good agreement before the match. Inside the stadium, Iranian supporters in the stands, often standing and without veils, proudly encouraged the players of their team. But fights between Iranians for and against the regime broke out outside the stadium after the game against the United States, according to an AFP video which shows a woman wearing a t-shirt with the protesters’ slogan, “Woman, life, freedom”harassed by Iranians while giving an interview to a television channel.

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10 a.m. – 414 dead in work accidents, according to Qatar

Between 2014 and 2020, 414 people died in “work-related accidents in Qatar, all sectors and nationalities combined”, said the organizers of the World, specifying the words of the secretary general of the Qatari organizing committee. Asked on a UK TV show about the death toll among working migrant workers “for the World Cup”Hassan al-Thawadi had mentioned on Tuesday an estimate ranging from “400 to 500” people, adding that“one death is already too many”.

The Qatari organizers also reaffirm that there was “three work-related deaths and 37 non-work-related deaths on Supreme Committee projects”that is “the eight stadiums, 17 out-of-competition venues and other related venues under the committee’s control”. Doha has always denied the death of thousands of immigrant workers employed on construction sites linked to the World Cup, advanced by certain Western media and NGOs.

9 a.m. – Fifa authorizes political gestures… a little late

Fifa has authorized in the stadiums of the Mondial-2022 certain marks of support for the demonstrators in Iran, according to a document consulted on Tuesday by AFP, such as the slogan “Women, life, freedom” or portraits of Mahsa Amini, whose death triggered this protest movement.

In a standard response provided following complaints filed on the complaint platform of the organizers of the World Cup-2022, which AFP was able to consult, Fifa detailed the messages it authorizes in the stadiums of Qatar.

“Fifa allows messages promoting human rights and Fifa’s position is that ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ or the name or likeness of Mahsa Amini are allowed in stadiums”, can we read. A little late, because the Iranian team was eliminated on Tuesday night after losing against the United States, their last game in Qatar.

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