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a new racist controversy taints the British royal family

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The racist remarks of a relative of Elizabeth II towards a black anti-racist activist have plunged British royalty into a new controversy at the worst time for a royal family, which has been trying to modernize its image since the departure of Harry and Meghan.

“Where are you from in Africa? », “Where are you really from? Where do people like you come from? » : These questions were asked on Tuesday evening, November 29, to Ngozi Fulani, head of an association supporting black victims of domestic violence, by Susan Hussey, 83, a close friend of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The sequel after the ad

The tweet in which Ngozi Fulani recounts the conversation, which took place in Buckingham at a reception hosted by Queen Consort Camilla, had been “liked” Thursday by nearly 64,000 Internet users.

In her tweet, she says that “Lady SH” him first “moved the hair to see the name on (his) badge” before asking her where she came from ” really “.

“Institutional racism”

A few hours later, the palace denounced “unacceptable comments” and announced the resignation of Susan Hussey, lady-in-waiting to the Queen for more than 60 years and godmother to Prince William. During Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, she was the one who accompanied the monarch in the car that brought her back, a widow, to Windsor Castle.

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“She was trying to make me really question my British citizenship”, Ngozi Fulani told the BBC on Thursday. The Incident “exceeds one person. It’s about institutional racism.”she also estimated in the newspaper “The Independent”.

The sequel after the ad

Refusing to comment directly on the incident, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Britain’s first head of government of Indian origin, called for “confront” racism “every time you see him”.

A bad business

The case has made headlines in all British newspapers, which point out that this new racist incident in Buckingham comes at the worst time for a royal family trying to display a younger, modern and inclusive image.

The palace awaits with trepidation the December 8 release of a Netflix documentary series on Harry and Meghan, and the worldwide release in January of the memoir of Harry, Charles III’s youngest son, which is expected to include its share of embarrassing revelations.

Harry and his mixed-race American wife Meghan, who now live in California, revealed last year that a member of the royal family wondered before he was born what skin color their son Archie would have.

The sequel after the ad

The royal family is not “definitely not racist”then said Prince William, heir to the crown in cold with his brother.

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“The stifled laughter you can hear coming from California is the sound of a Duchess (Meghan) trying not to laugh and say ‘I told you so'”quipped a “Times” columnist on Thursday.

This controversy comes during the first visit to the United States for eight years of Prince William and his wife Kate, which will culminate Friday with the Earthshot Prize for the defense of the environment in Boston (northeast). The prince’s spokesman, who has no plans to meet his brother in the United States, responded with a categorical reaction: “Racism has no place in our society”.

Prior to the trip, a royal source had pointed out that “inclusivity” would be an important part of this trip and that the princely couple would meet “Indigenous leaders based in Boston”.

The sequel after the ad

An “ironic” situation

Ngozi Fulani called on Buckingham to set up anti-racist training, saying that his association, which provides it in particular with the London police, would be willing to do so for the monarchy. “It is precisely these formations that made us invited” in Buckingham in the first place, she said, pointing out ” irony “ of the situation.

Calling the exchange a “really shocking”Labor MP Diane Abbott – the first black woman to sit in the House of Commons – still noted the ” progress “ of the monarchy in matters of racism.

Ten years ago, “they would have said she was too sensitive and would have just swept away” the charges, she said. The palace also released data on the ethnic representation of its staff for the first time last year, acknowledging that it has room for improvement.

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