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Neil Young, Herman Dune, Leonard Cohen… Discs to listen to to liven up your weekend

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♥♥♥♥ “World Record”, by Neil Young

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Neil Young is an old hippie. It is he who says it. Nothing to do with a baba-cool caricature, but everything with the diggers and the pranksters Californians who, in the 1960s, tried to change the world and revolutionize life. What could be more urgent then for the “always young” 77-year-old rocker than to lock himself in the studio with Crazy Horse (fifteen albums together), play breathlessly, record like in concert (with producer Rick Rubin, tactfully ideal) a hymn to the Earth in danger. A mantra: “Love Earth / And your love comes back to you. » To leave a livable planet to our children, to expose the predators who devour it, to see again the pure skies and the clear rivers, to fight against the war – “Fight with me now to the end of the wars”.

Young stops at nothing, reincarnated as a bird – “I’m a bird and so are you / We can fly in the world there too” – and sings in the name of the Earth:

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