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Dominique Paravel, Shozo Numa, Colm Toibin… The books of the week not to be missed

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♥♥♥ Yapou, human cattleby Shozo Numa

Translated from Japanese by Sylvain Cardonnel, Laurence Viallet, 1408 p., 35 euros.

This is a one-of-a-kind book hailed by Mishima as one of Japan’s greatest post-war novels. Its publication is itself an adventure novel. The publisher Laurence Viallet had, more than fifteen years ago, published the first volume, the print run of which was immediately sold out. But the following volumes had been destroyed by the publisher, who moderately appreciated the scandalous tone of the book whose 1,400 pages have just been finally republished (still by Laurence Viallet) in full version. His author ? His identity is still questionable, and we do not know who is hiding behind the pseudonym Shozo Numa. As for this fresco of philosophical science fiction, which is the Bible of underground SM, it is a series of sexual, historical and racial subversions. Numa depicts a society run by women, a white and leather aristocracy that punishes the subspecies of males, the blacks first, the Yapus (the Japanese) then, these being reduced to the state of cattle ( of the “monkeys” humans, while “niggers were dogs”). Less politically correct, you die. In comparison, Guyotat is “SamSam”, and Bret Easton Ellis, “Little Brown Bear”.

Didier Jacob

Why feminist and post-punk novelist Kathy Acker is making a comeback

♥♥ The magician, by Colm Toibin

Translated from English by Anna Gibson, Gra

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