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“It’s as if I had an avatar”

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Autumn 2002, Carla Bruni, international top model, became a singer to everyone’s surprise with her first album, “Someone told me”, which caused a stir (2 million copies sold). In reality, his conversion had not really surprised everyone. Julien Clerc’s fans knew that she was capable of writing and composing, since two years earlier she had signed certain songs from the album “Si j’étais elle”. In short. In twenty years, a lot has happened. Carla Bruni continued her journey in songs, with a detour to the Elysée under Nicolas Sarkozy, as first lady. We return with her to all these events and their consequences.

(This interview, carried out on November 9, predates the revelations about the accusations of rape against actor Sofiane Bennacer, starring in “Amandiers”, the film by her sister Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi. Recontacted by telephone, Carla Bruni will say no more, telling us that she expressed on her Instagram account all that she thought of this affair.)

If we were talking about youth.

Carla Bruni Youth, we all know, is health, energy, desire. I truly believe that we can age without maturing. I grew old without really maturing. I believe that being young is not a choice, we all know young people who don’t look that way. Take Mr. Edouard Balladur, for example. Younger, he might have had darker hair, okay, but we don’t feel

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