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11 books on cinema that will have their little effect under the tree

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♥♥ Remember the things of life. The rewound masterpiece

By Arnaud Corbic, Séguier editions, 160 p., 17.90 euros.

A small book/album, beautiful and neat (in the collection of a “publisher of curiosities”), which redraws the intimate geography of Claude Sautet’s film: analysis of the shots, aesthetic biases, relationships with the actors. The author, Arnaud Corbic, recalls that the filmmaker ” is deeply sensitive to what is vulnerable in man, but also derisory and beautiful in life”. To immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a unique film, which was a great success in 1970, and which remains in the most vivid memory of cinema.

♥♥ Romy Schneider

By Guillaume Evin, Casa editions, 146 p., 29.95 euros.

Thirty pages of text, and the rest, photos. That’s the value of this album, where we can see Romy Schneider in all her states, natural, in an evening dress, in love, as a star, as Sissi, as a mother’s girl… Leafing through this intense life, in these large-format pages, it is the pleasure of finding a star whose face continues to light up the screen, forty years after his suicide.

“Romy Schneider has always fought, she has never suffered”

♥♥ My Memoirs. From Dream to Reality

By Vladimir Cosma, Plon, 512 p., 24.90 euros.

It is he who is on the soundtrack of the “Tall Blond with the Black Shoe”, of “Rabbi Jacob” and of the “Dîner de cons”, among a thousand others. Vladimir Cosma (nothing to do with Joseph Kosma, that of the “Fallen Leaves”), Romanian violinist

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