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“For Johnny, rock’n’roll was a hungry guy thing”

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Yarol Poupaud is finally ready to tell his crazy years. From 2011 to 2017, he chained solos and riffs for the greatest of French rockers. He played all his hits in front of packed halls each time. With his album “Fils de personne”, released this December 2 on Verycords, the guitarist and musical director of the “Taulier” wanted to pay a vibrant tribute to Johnny Hallyday. To the man he was, to his emblematic texts and, above all, to his eternal music.

Twelve titles from the end of the sixties and the beginning of seventies, recorded and mixed alone by the musician with nimble fingers. Like an ultimate head-to-head. Yarol Poupaud’s favorite musical era, when the legendary musicians Jimmy Page, Peter Frampton or Mick Jones accompanied “the idol of young people” in the studio.

For the five years of his disappearance, in his recording studio at 18e arrondissement of Paris, Yarol Poupaud opens up, electric guitar in hand, to talk about the man who changed his life, his style and his career. For all time. And remembering the best moments alongside Johnny, on the road to the tours.

It took you five years to cover Johnny Hallyday’s emblematic songs in this tribute disc. The time needed for mourning?

Yes, kind of. Before, it was too early. I couldn’t. Coming out of this crazy adventure with Johnny, which lasted almost seven years, I wanted to exist on my own. Of course, I was John’s guitarist

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