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A political generation is born in China

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On October 23, 2022, Xi Jinping enters the Great Hall of the People’s Palace in Beijing, followed by seven men in suits and ties: China discovers its leaders for the next five years, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CCP) , the “immortals”, as they were called in Mao’s time.

Surprisingly, number two is Li Qiang, the head of the CCP in Shanghai, who will therefore become prime minister at the next parliamentary session in March. A surprise, because the extreme confinement of the 26 million Shanghainese in the spring was disastrous: residents screaming out the window that they were hungry, children separated from their parents; an authoritarian and sanitary chaos that everyone thought would cost Li Qiang his promotion.

Xi Jinping rewarded Li Qiang’s loyalty, not efficiency, turning his back on the ‘m

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