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In the notebooks of Ingmar Bergman, “1,000 pages to try to ward off the blank page”

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It’s a sum: a thousand pages! Ingmar Bergman, one of the greatest geniuses of world cinema, kept his notebooks for half a century, and these are published today by Carlotta, film distributor and incidentally publisher (“Jeanne Moreau cinéaste”, ” Bela Tarr”, “The Extravagant Mr Capra”, “Richard Fleischer, a work”). A revelation: from the time of the “Seventh Seal” to that of “Sarabande”, via “Persona”, “Cries and Whispers” and “Scenes from Married Life”, the filmmaker has never ceased to throw on the paper his impressions, his projects, his doubts, his hopes.

The world according to Bergman is defined in these pages: God (and his absence), dreams, darkness, poetry, intimate demons, everything is there. It is in the words of the author, “a storm of feelings”. Essential extension of “Laterna Magica”, published in 1987, this collection of “Notebooks” gleaned over the years is dominated by a sentence, where the artist says to himself “in search of the bomb that will dig a crater in the indifference of men”. His book, prefaced by the translator Jean-Baptiste Bardin, “perhaps asks the reader for a special requirement”. We asked him to lead us on the paths of this requirement.

It is a monumental work that you have undertaken there…

Jean-Baptiste Bardin. A year and a half of work, and unusual difficulties. When you translate a novel, you look for a rhythm, a tone. Bergman, he wrote what he didn’t

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