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Kanye West “loves Nazis” and owns 5% of Skims, Kim Kardashian’s brand. That presents a problem ?

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We know the ideas of Kanye West, wonderful musician, execrable doctrinaire.

As we know, he said that “slavery was a choice” of which the Blacks of America had been guilty and that this ” choice “ had lasted four centuries.

The sequel after the ad

He claimed it was not the police who killed George Floyd, but his drug addiction. What earned him to be sued by the family of the victim, who claimed 250 million dollars for defamation.

We also know his infatuation with Hitler (“A very good architect”).

For Nazism, in general (“We must stop insulting the Nazis all the time […] I love Nazis”).

And his undeniable Holocaust denial (“Hitler didn’t kill six million Jews, that’s just factually incorrect”).

The sequel after the ad

Kanye West: story of self-destruction

We know less that Kanye West owns 5% of Skims, the clothing brand co-founded in 2019 by his ex-wife Kim Kardashian (in 2019, she presented West, who was still her husband, as the “ghost creative director” of Skims).

This mark of inclusiveness ” emphasizes body positivity”with a range of sizes that goes from XXS to XXXXXL.

Skims is valued at over $3.2 billion. Now, 5% of $3.2 billion is about $150 million. It’s not a peanut for West, whose fortune, he says, is only $400 million, since he lost his contracts with Adidas or Balenciaga.

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For Kim Kardashian, would it be time to wonder if Kanye West’s propaganda is in line with ” values inclusiveness and diversity “, which “DNA” of Skims, as the Californian billionaire says?

Or to put it another way, are the musician’s remarks on slavery or Hitlerism consistent with all morphologies?

Trifles or massacre?

“I want women to feel comfortable”Kardashian says.

Is Kanye West’s corseted ideology conducive to their comfort? To sublimate all curves, all skin colors? To meet the expectations of “the Skims community”as Kim says?

The sequel after the ad

When he does not deny the police violence against George Floyd, West speaks of the Jews as speak of the members of the Ku Klux Klan (organization deemed non-inclusive), which, it should be noted, is not a shareholder of Skims. Because it would be difficult to homologate the phrase ” i love nazis as an inclusive slogan, even though that slogan “includes” the Hitlerites and their curves.

Clearly, West’s ideology does not suit everyone or ” every body”. It breaks with the founding principles of which Skims flaunts. It refutes the sheathing and shaping humanism of the cycling boxers which the brand is proud of. She contradicts the diversity of her shorties and her balconette bras, outrages the magnanimity of her sculpting lingerie in recycled nylon.

Trifles or massacre?

No doubt it would be necessary to decide.

If Kardashian has clearly distanced herself doctrinally from Kanye West (“Hate speech is never OK or excusable”she says on Twitter), the entrepreneur has so far been more discreet about her shareholder and her $150 million stake.

Let’s sum up: Skims wants to be resolutely “ inclusive “. For his part, Kanye West is resolutely not.

So ?




Anger ?

The sequel after the ad

Tell us, Kim:

Buying inclusive panties and responsible thongs to enrich a “non-inclusive”, is that ” OK “ ?

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