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Power cuts in all Ukrainian regions after Russian strikes

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Ukrainian electricity operator Ukrenergo warned on Monday (December 5th) that emergency power cuts will have to be applied across Ukraine, as the country deals with the consequences of new Russian strikes.

Energy: the other war for Europe

“Because of the consequences of the bombings (…), to maintain the balance between the production and consumption of electricity, a system of emergency cuts will be put in place in all regions of Ukraine. Electricity will be supplied as a priority to essential infrastructures”Ukrenergo announced on Telegram.

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A “difficult but under control” situation

“The situation is difficult, but under control”Ukrenergo added, as kyiv forces announced that they had destroyed more than 60 of the approximately 70 missiles launched by the Russians.

However, “some power plants will not be able to operate at full capacity for a while”depending on the operator. “Combined with frosts that will intensify in the next 24 hours, this will lead to a power deficit in the system”. Emergency repairs were underway, according to Ukrenergo.

Ukraine: the winter of all dangers

The Russian army recognized “a massive strike carried out with high-precision weapons” this Monday around 12 p.m. which targeted Ukrainian military sites and energy infrastructure linked to Ukrainian forces.

Since the fall, and a series of humiliating setbacks, the Russian army has stepped up strikes against Ukrainian energy installations, so much so that most of the civilian population has electricity for only a few hours a day.

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At least two dead and three injured

According to the deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential administration Kyrylo Tymoshenko, an initial report shows at least two dead and three wounded, including a child. The Russian strikes have also caused new water and electricity cuts, while winter temperatures are well established.

The head of the military administration of Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine said that“part of the city is without electricity” and “several boilers and pumping stations are disconnected”which should be felt on the supply of water and heating.

In Odessa, living despite the war

Operators in Odessa, a major port in the south of the country, and in Sumy, in the northeast, reported water and power cuts respectively. Electricity was also cut off in Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine, according to Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevich. Prime Minister Denys Chmyhal nevertheless assured that “the country’s energy system is functioning and remains intact”.

Visiting kyiv, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, wrote on Twitter, photo in support, to have had to join a bomb shelter and continue a meeting there. “Unbelievable that this happens almost daily in kyiv”he wrote.

Even before the new strikes, the national operator Ukrenergo had described this Monday as ” hard “ the situation regarding electricity supplies. In Borodianka, northwest of kyiv covered with snow and ice, large tents equipped with wood stoves have been installed to allow the population to warm up or cook.

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