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the home of Edwige Diaz, MEP RN, searched

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Searches took place this Monday, December 5 in several homes and workplaces of RN MP Edwige Diaz, as part of an investigation by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office for suspicion of fictitious employment, the parliamentarian denouncing a “political score settling”.

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“I can confirm that there are ongoing searches in two of my Girondin homes as well as at the departmental office of the RN, at the parliamentary office, and at my office at the Assembly”said Edwige Diaz, contacted by AFP after revelations from Mediapart and “Liberation”.

The sequel after the ad

Suspicions of fictitious job of European parliamentary assistant

“The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has been leading a preliminary investigation in France since July 2021”for “embezzlement of public funds, complicity and concealment”relating to “suspicions of fictitious employment of European parliamentary assistant” in “2018 and 2019”said Monday in a press release the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, an EU body.

He specifies that he was seized “in July 2021 by the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office, on the basis of a report from the Anticor association”involving “Jacques Colombier” (ex-RN MEP) and “Edwig Diaz”used by him.

The investigation was entrusted to the Department of Judicial Investigation of Finance. The deputy explained that Jacques Colombier had also been the subject of searches on Monday and had been placed in police custody.

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“It’s a settling of political scores”she said, ensuring that she had worked well for Jacques Colombier “from April 2018 to June 2019” as a local parliamentary assistant who “accompanied him on his travels, managed his social networks”and organized “visits to the European Parliament”.

The sequel after the ad

It involves a “responsible for Anticor” in Gironde, “David Poulain”candidate for municipal elections in 2020 in Ambarès-et-Lagrave, affirming that the latter requested an agreement from the RN for these elections, which the party would have refused. “He uses an institution to settle political scores”she launched, assuring that she intended to file a complaint.

“Settlements of accounts” within the RN

“The report was made in April 2021”explained to AFP David Poulain, municipal councilor ” without label “. “We had testimonies from activists, local RN officials and 3 co-elected Ms. Diaz on the same list at the regional level”he said.

Magnitudes and limits of “marinism”

Regarding the member’s assertions against him, he states that“She talks nonsense, there has never been an agreement or proposals”. “She is trying to discredit the case as much as possible”. “This file is rising because there are settling of scores within the RN after its top list choices for the 2021 regionals”he said again.

The National Rally, formerly the National Front, which has been the subject of several investigations and indictments for suspicions of fictitious jobs of European parliamentary assistants in recent years, denounces in return “political manipulation”. In March 2018 the European Parliament assessed his damage at 6.8 million euros.

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