Home News Ukrainian drone attacks in Russia on Tuesday December 6, Zelensky near the front

Ukrainian drone attacks in Russia on Tuesday December 6, Zelensky near the front

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited this Tuesday, December 6 near the front, not far from Bakhmout, in Donbass, the main battlefield in eastern Ukraine where the Ukrainian army has been resisting an offensive for months Russian.

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This trip also comes at a time when Russia accuses its neighbor of increasing drone attacks against airfields on its territory.

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By sending drones to two Russian airbases hundreds of kilometers from its border, Ukraine has offered itself an important symbolic victory, testifying in particular to its ability to compensate for the apparent superiority in armament of its enemy.

kyiv had not claimed responsibility for the attack on Tuesday, but the Western experts contacted by AFP favored the thesis of the use of Soviet-made reconnaissance drones, dating from the 1970s. And if several gray areas remain, the operation is unanimously described as operationally limited but symbolically highly effective.

Six civilians killed in Donetsk

The Ukrainians continue to suffer power cuts, the day after a new series of Russian bombardments on the energy infrastructure of their country. President Volodymyr Zelensky released three videos of him in Donbass, a region which Moscow claimed for annexation in September, without however fully controlling it.

“Eastern Ukraine is the most difficult axis (of the front)”said Volodymyr Zelensky to the military, on the occasion of the day of the armed forces. “Thank you for your resilience”, he added, before presenting decorations to some of these men. In another video made in front of the entrance to the city of Sloviansk, the Ukrainian head of state greeted “all those who gave their life to Ukraine”.

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In Odessa, living despite the war

Not far away, in the pro-Russian stronghold of Donetsk, six civilians were killed in Ukrainian strikes, according to local authorities. Volodymyr Zelensky goes regularly near the front, something that the master of the Kremlin has never done so far, preferring videoconferences from his office or his residence.

Vladimir Putin has made only rare trips, such as on Monday to annexed Crimea, where images showed him driving a vehicle over the bridge linking this peninsula to Russia, which had been partially destroyed in early October by a attack attributed by Moscow to kyiv.

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“Massive strikes” on energy installations

The Ukrainian president was thus on Tuesday only 45 kilometers from Bakhmout, which the Russian forces have been trying to conquer since the summer at the cost of considerable destruction, without succeeding for the moment.

Moscow deployed not only soldiers there, but also the paramilitary group Wagner, which recruited convicts. The capture of Bakhmout would finally constitute a success for the Russians, who, since the autumn, suffered setbacks, forced to retreat in the North-East and the South.

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“The more the conflict rages, the more Putin risks finding himself isolated in his attempt to escalate”: in Moscow, the undermined union of the Kremlin

Faced with the multiplication of these defeats, the Kremlin decided, since October, to concentrate the attacks on the Ukrainian energy installations, depriving the population of electricity, even of water and heating, at the time when winter arrives with its negative temperatures, snow and ice.

Again this Tuesday, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, explained these “massive strikes” by the need to “reducing the military potential of Ukraine”. If the Kremlin keeps swearing that it will overcome the Ukrainian resistance, the last few months have proved very difficult for the Russian military, faced with Ukrainians motivated and armed by their Western allies. Vladimir Putin has already had to resolve to mobilize 300,000 reservists, civilians therefore, to reinforce his lines.

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