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In Germany, a far-right group that wanted to attack the dismantled Parliament

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Vast net in Germany. German justice announced this Wednesday, December 7 to have thwarted plans for attacks by a far-right and conspiratorial group which planned to attack the democratic institutions of the country and in particular Parliament. 25 people were arrested across the country.

They are particularly suspected “to have made concrete preparations to violently penetrate the German Bundestag”the Chamber of Deputies in Berlin, “with a small armed group”prosecutors said in a statement.

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“We suspect that an armed attack on the constitutional bodies was planned”commented the Minister of Justice, Marco Buschmann, in a message on Twitter evoking “a large anti-terrorist operation”.

Some 3,000 law enforcement personnel were mobilized across Germany and more than 130 raids were carried out in what media described as the largest such police operation ever in Germany.

In addition to the arrests, 27 other people are targeted by the investigation and suspected of belonging to the criminal cell, according to the prosecution. One arrest took place in Austria and another in Italy.

A few hours after the dismantling, the Russian Embassy in Berlin assured that it had no connection with organizations “terrorists” Where “illegal” in Germany.

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“Citizens of the Reich”

Based “no later than the end of 2021”the small group had “aims to overcome the existing state order in Germany and replace it with a form of its own state”a project that cannot be carried out “only by the use of military means and violence against the representatives of the State”according to the press release from the Karlsruhe public prosecutor’s office, in charge of cases concerning state security.

Its members are “united by a deep rejection of state institutions and the liberal and democratic basic order of the Federal Republic of Germany, which has grown in them, over time, the decision to participate in their elimination by violence and to embark on concrete preparatory acts to this effect.decipher the prosecutors.

In recent years, the German authorities have ranked far-right violence as the number one threat to public order, ahead of the jihadist risk. In the spring, they had dismantled another far-right group suspected of having planned attacks in the country and the kidnapping of the Minister of Health, at the origin of the anti-Covid restriction measures.

Germany in the face of far-right terrorism

In particular, a German movement known as the “Reichsburger” (citizens of the Reich), who have in common to reject the state order. They don’t recognize its institutions, obey the police, pay taxes, or reinvent their vehicle license plates. Of the approximately 20,000 estimated militants of this ideology in Germany, a fringe has become radicalized, including Holocaust deniers and considering the use of violent action.

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In the case of the dismantled group, the members also referred to the theories of the QAnon movement, a far-right conspiratorial group from the United States, according to the prosecution.

Contacts with Russia

“They are firmly convinced that Germany is currently run by members of a so-called ‘deep state’” and “the impending intervention of the ‘Alliance’, a technically superior secret society comprising governments, intelligence services and the military of various countries, including the Russian Federation and the United States of America, will bring about ‘the liberation ”. »

Contacts had moreover been made by one of the leaders of the unit with “representatives of the Russian Federation in Germany”.

According to the investigations carried out so far, however, nothing indicates that these interlocutors reacted positively to the request.

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Investigation into this ultra-right who dreams of overthrowing the Republic

In its plan to eliminate the democratic order, this network was “aware that there will also be deaths”, “an intermediate step deemed necessary” to reach the “system change”.

Justice says it has identified a very structured and hierarchical organization made up of a “central body” and a “military arm” responsible for the purchase of equipment and training in recruitment weapons, but also for the “Justice”, “Foreign Affairs” or “Health” commissions. Former soldiers are among the protagonists.

Very recently, in October, members of the “military arm” scouted Bundeswehr barracks to inspect their capacity to accommodate their own troops after their “coup”.

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