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Jérémie Guez, new boss of the French thriller? “Cinema is a craft like any other”

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It’s all about speed in “Kanun, the Law of Blood”. No dead time, just actions: among thugs, life hangs by a thread, and love at a glance. Third film by Jérémie Guez (after “Bluebird” in 2018 and “Sons of Philadelphia” in 2021), this ultra-black thriller sums up the style of this 34-year-old director, already author of fifteen screenplays, five novels, a comic strip and two series.

This native of Sables-d’Olonne (Vendée), nominated for the Césars 2022 for the script for “Black Box” by Yann Gozlan, was in good school: the novels of David Goodis, the films of Humphrey Bogart. In “Kanun, the law of blood”, he is inspired by the popular traditions of Albania, which infuse the violence of an environment run by vendetta. Is Jérémie Guez on the way to becoming the “taulier” of the French thriller, after Yves Boisset and Olivier Marchal? Interview.

Between your films and your books, two obsessions stand out: adrenaline and revenge. Especially in “Kanun”. Where did you pick up these themes?

Jeremiah Guez I have always been very fond of genre literature and cinema. I started reading noir novels when I was a child, around 10 years old. I picked up books right and left, that’s how I read authors like Chester Himes or David Goodis. There is a publishing house that literally educated me: Rivages, by François Guérif. What’s funny about these books is that they travel a lot. There is a network form s

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